Tooth extraction

You will be glad to know that this is a common procedure that dentists perform frequently.

Why is tooth extraction required?

The term ‘Extraction’ simply refers to having a tooth removed from its socket. Extraction of a tooth is required for various reasons, including decay, fractured teeth, impacted teeth, crowded teeth, severe gum disease, tooth luxation, wisdom tooth extraction, or other dental injuries and severe damage. 

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Procedure of a tooth extraction?

● In the beginning,a local anesthetic is given to help numb the affected tooth as well as the gum tissue around it.

● The dentist will loosen your tooth with the aid of special dental instruments and then carefully remove the tooth from its socket.

● Sometimes, the dentist will have to cut your gums to access the tooth, particularly if the tooth is severely decayed or broken near the gum line.

● When your tooth is extracted, the dentist will clean and disinfect the spot where your tooth was. Sometimes, the dentist might additionally use a bone graft that helps to keep your bone from deteriorating in the jaw.

● In addition, stitches may be placed to assist with the healing process.

How to prepare for a tooth Extraction?

Prior to the procedure , the dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth. Please inform your dentist about any medical condition, medications, vitamins, supplements, or any type of drugs.

You should inform your dentist if you are going to be treated for any medical condition with an intravenous drug in the near future. If so, the extraction should be done before the drug treatment, or it could compromise your treatment.


Also your dentist should be aware of the below conditions before the extraction procedure begins:

Before starting the procedure, your dentist will ensure that all parameters are stable or treated. He may prescribe antibiotics days before the procedure if your surgery is expected to be long, if you have a weak immune system, or you have a specific medical condition.

It is very helpful to keep the following things in mind on the day of the tooth extraction in order to ensure quality treatment:

● If your dentist has suggested Intravenous (IV) anesthesia for you, then you are advised to wear loose and comfortable, short sleeve clothing.
● You are strongly instructed not eat or drink six to eight hours before the treatment starts
● Avoid smoking 48 hrs prior to surgery.
● If you are suffering from a cold, make sure your dentist is aware, as you may need to reschedule the appointment.
● Contact your dentist if you were vomiting or feeling nauseated the night prior to the procedure, which could require additional anesthesia or changing the appointment schedule.

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