Dental bone grafting

Explore the innovative procedure of dental bone grafting, a technique used to restore bone density and volume in the jaw, providing a stable foundation for dental implants and ensuring long-term oral health and functionality

Restoring oral health and enhancing your smile

Are you yearning for a radiant smile but have been told that dental implants are not an option due to bone loss? Never lose hope! At Skyview Dental, we offer a bone grafting procedure as it is the key to restoring your oral health, turning dental implants into a reality!

Why pick dental bone grafts?

Preserving your facial structure

Whenever you lose your tooth, or it is extracted, the surrounding bone will start deteriorating over time. It leads to aged or sunken aesthetics and the challenges of speaking and chewing. Bone graft surgery aids in preserving the bone, maintaining the natural facial contours, and preventing bone loss.

Strategic treatments

Depending on the kind of consultation we provide, our team of qualified professionals creates personalized treatment plans that are well-tailored based on your distinctive needs. We use highly advanced dental imaging technologies to ensure accurate placements of the implants and excellent outcomes.

Restoring oral functionality

If you are missing out on one tooth or several, bone graft surgery offers the opportunity to restore oral functionality. It creates a stable foundation allowing secure placement of the dental bridges, implants, or dentures, allowing you to speak, eat and smile more confidently.

Enhanced aesthetics

Dental bone grafting can help enhance mouth functionality and boost your smile's aesthetic appeal. Supporting these dental restorations can ensure harmonious and natural-looking outcomes blending seamlessly with your existing teeth.

Our dental bone graft surgery process

Consultation and evaluation

In the initial consultation for a bone graft for a tooth implant, the dentists will evaluate your oral health, review your medical history and determine if you are a suitable candidate for the dental bone graft surgery. They would request CT scans or X-rays to assess the extent of bone loss and plan the process.

Preparation for surgery

Before this surgery, you might be instructed to refrain from drinking or eating for a specific time. You might even get antibiotics and other medications to prevent the spread of infections and optimize the grafting success.

Graft placement

The surgery starts with the administration of local anesthesia to make sure of better comfort. After the area gets numb, the surgeon creates a smaller incision in the gums to access the bone. The graft material is carefully placed and secured in the right position. In a few instances, the plate or the membrane safeguards the graft and promotes optimal healing.

Healing and integration

Over the next couple of months, the graft material starts integrating with the natural bone, stimulating the new bone growth. In this healing phase, it is important to follow the post-operative instructions offered by your dental professionals, including maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding different activities disrupting the healing process in this healing phase.

Restorative treatment

After this healing period, which varies based on the individual cases, you might go ahead with the placement of the dental implants or the other restorations. Dental professionals guide you through the right treatment plan based on your needs.

Types of dental bone grafts


Allografts use bone graft material from the source donor, which is generally obtained from the tissue band. The donor's bone undergoes a rigorous processing and sterilization process to make sure of its compatibility and safety. Allografts are the process to eliminate the requirement for harvesting bone out of your body, making this process less invasive and reducing the recovery time.


Autografts involve bone harvesting from the other area of your body, generally the chin, hip, or the back of your jaw. Autografts offer the best success rates, consisting of living cells helping in bone growth.

Synthetic bone grafts

Synthetic bone grafts comprise biocompatible materials mimicking the properties of natural bone. These grafts are created in a laboratory and are available in numerous forms like putty, granules, or blocks.


Xenografts involve using bone graft material from animal sources. These grafts are sterilized and processed to eliminate potential hazards. Xenografts are mainly used and are highly effective, offering a reliable framework for new bone growth.

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