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Professional teeth cleanings are critical for preventing gum disease, it can help remove built up plaque and tartar that cannot be removed with regular brushing. Discover the importance of regular dental cleaning in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, preventing cavities, and achieving a brighter smile.

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Unveil the secret to the vibrant, confident smile that leaves a lasting impression. At Skyview Dental our highly skilled professionals combine their expertise and artistry to deliver unmatched dental care. We understand that professional dental cleanings are essential for revitalizing your oral health and aesthetics. Say goodbye to faded,dull teeth, and embrace a radiant and dazzling smile.

Our professional teeth cleaning goes beyond the surface, diving deeper into the crevices of your smile, unleashing its real brilliance.

Our entire range of dental cleaning services

Also termed oral cleaning or dental cleaning, there are different options of teeth cleanings on our platform. Our skilled dentist will perform one of the different forms of professional teeth cleaning depending on the amount of plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth.

Oral prophylaxis ( Regular Cleaning )
This is a cleaning procedure performed to thoroughly clean the teeth. Oral prophylaxis includes twice yearly cleaning trips to the dentist, it helps prevent oral health issues, such as gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss.

Scaling and root planning
Also known as deep cleaning. Scaling is done to remove all the plaque and tartar(hardened plaque) above and below the gum line, making sure to clean all the way down to the bottom of the pocket. Root planing helps gums reattach to your teeth. In the case of gingivitis, deep cleaning is generally completed in a single dental appointment, while deep cleaning for periodontitis might need several appointments.

Periodontal maintenance
It is a form of deeper teeth cleaning that can help treat gum diseases. It can help remove the excessive tartar and plaque-like scaling and root planing from the gum pockets and tooth surface. They are performed more frequently than other dental cleanings, which set periodontal maintenance cleanings apart.

Debridement cleaning
It is a highly intense kind of teeth cleaning that helps remove significant amounts of tartar and plaque. Since the plaque hardens into tartar, the stubborn amounts are removed with an electrical tool that helps loosen the tartar during the debridement cleaning.

Our services for deep cleaning teeth are important since patients trust our professionals to check their teeth and recommend the kind of oral cleaning they require and how often they are to get done. Dental cleanings are usually needed to ensure the patient’s gums and teeth are healthy. Regular teeth cleaning can

1.improve overall health
2.prevent bad breath
3.prevent periodontal disease
4.prevent tooth loss
5.improve overall health

Our professional dental cleaning process

Whenever you visit our dental practice for a professional dental deep cleaning, you can expect a comprehensive and comfortable experience. Here is what you can expect at your cleaning appointment:

Initial examination

Our dental professionals will perform a complete visual examination of your gums and teeth, evaluate their present condition, and identify the areas of concern.

Plaque and tartar removal

Using the appropriate dental instruments, our dentists will carefully remove the buildup of tartar and plaque from your teeth. This process is quite gentle and effective.

Teeth polishing

After removing tartar and plaque, polishing is done to remove the surface stains and offer a shiny and smooth appearance.

Expert guidance

Our dental experts will offer personalized recommendations for your at-home oral hygiene routine, including flossing, brushing techniques, and mouthwash. They can address the questions and concerns you have regarding the maintenance of optimal oral health.

Follow-up appointments

Our team recommends a schedule for future dental cleanings to ensure the ongoing maintenance of your oral health, depending on your oral health requirements.

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Regular visits to dentists help catch oral problems early when they're easier to treat. It also stops many problems from happening in the first place.

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Fillings fix holes in teeth caused by decay. They make the tooth strong again so you can eat and talk without pain. Fillings stop decay from spreading, keeping your teeth healthy.

Flossing before you go to bed greatly reduces the risk of suffering dental issues as a result of plaque build-up. After receiving dental treatment from us, whether it's a veneer treatment or implants, it's extremely important to look after your teeth post-treatment, which means flossing every day when brushing your teeth.

Yes, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the appearance of your smile, including teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and more.

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