Looking For An Emergency Walk In Dentist Near You, Visit Skyview Dental

emergency walk-in dentist near you

How to find an ‘emergency walk-in dentist near me’?

What can be done when there is a need for immediate dental help? The easiest solution is to find an emergency walk-in dentist near you. Skyview Dental is the go-to place for urgent dental care when an unexpected dental emergency arises. The dentists at Skyview Dental understand that dental emergencies can occur at any time and provide essential dental services to ensure that patients receive prompt attention when they need it the most. 

Emergency care has always been included as a part of our services, and we take pride in being able to take dental care to a higher level of accessibility to all our patients in the event of an emergency, such as a deep cut in your gums, a broken or chipped tooth,a broken filling etc, SkyView Dental is here to help. 

These are all very real situations that can happen anytime. In addition to regular appointments, our dentists accept walk-ins during their extended office hours to provide immediate treatment. If you need a dental professional to look at your dental issue,give us a call. Our team is always on standby for when those emergency calls come in.

When Is An Emergency Dental Service Necessary? 

1. For a dental emergency

Dental emergencies are no fun, but they do happen. In such situations, you may be required for a walk-in visit. The following are some emergencies,  it is advisable to visit a dentist as soon as possible:

  • Severe/unexplainable toothache

      Moderate to severe toothaches that persist even after taking over-the-counter painkillers are a reason to look for a dental office right away.

Mild toothaches are usually caused by lodged food particles between teeth. Before calling our emergency dentists try flossing between teeth and rinsing with warm water.

  • Painful broken/cracked teeth

Call our emergency dentists ASAP. Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to your cheek to temporarily relieve pain. Take over-the-counter pain relievers.

  • The tooth is knocked out.

The possibility to replant a knocked out tooth is within the first 30 minutes of the injury. Our emergency dentists can help with these types of emergencies, giving you the best chance of saving your tooth.

What you need to do.

  • call our emergency clinic.
  • pick up the tooth by its chewing surface(crown), not the root.
  • gently rinse the tooth.

If possible, gently place the tooth back in its socket, otherwise store the tooth between your gums and cheek wrap it up in a sterile gauze, or immerse it whole in milk and seek immediate dental care.

  • Loose tooth

Call our emergency dentist. Apply a cold compress to your cheek to temporarily relieve pain. Take over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary.

  • Damaged or broken crown

If the crown falls off or gets damaged, store the crown safely and seek immediate dental help.

  • Abscess tooth

 One can also experience:

  • A fever
  • Painful lymph nodes
  • Hot/cold sensitivity
  • Toothache
  • Swelling in the face, cheek, or jawline

You need to call your emergency dentist ASAP. Meanwhile, take over-the-counter pain medications and apply a cold compress to help relieve the pain temporarily till your dentist can treat you.

2. When you’re traveling or away from home

3. No regular dentist or the regular dentist cannot schedule 

Where to find an emergency dentist in Noblesville?

Looking for an emergency dentist in Noblesville, whether for emergency service, away from home, or don’t have a regular dentist consider Skyview Dental. No matter what the need for an emergency walk-in dental appointment is, Skyview Dental is ready, capable, and available to treat all dental concerns.

Benefits Of Seeking Emergency Dental Services With Skyview Dental

There are many reasons to seek immediate emergency dental services with Skyview Dental, such as:

  • To save your tooth: Emergency dental services can be the difference between keeping the affected tooth intact and needing to have one or more tooth extractions.
  • To eliminate discomfort: Often, discomfort quickly leads to pain. Addressing the issue quickly reduces the pain faster.
  • To prevent further problems: Often, untreated dental problems lead to further more dental problems.
  • To save the dental work: Cracked crowns, broken braces, or damaged bridgework may be preserved if attended to in a timely manner.

Don’t live with oral pain.
If you need to address a toothache or injury right away, come in or call Skyview Dental. Our expert dentists will examine the emergency and treat it quickly.


1. Where can I find an emergency dentist near me?

Answer: In case of a dental emergency, it may be difficult to find a clinic that can help quickly. Normally there is a wait time of roughly seven days for an appointment with a new dentist, making it hard to get help in case of an emergency. Visit Skyview Dental for emergency dental services. The expert dentists at Skyview Dental make sure to provide the best dental care possible.

2. What is an emergency dental service?

Answer: Emergency dental services promptly and effectively handle urgent dental situations that require immediate attention. They aim to relieve pain and discomfort and prevent further complications.