Periodontal Surgery

Transforming Smiles With Precision And Care

Are you prepared to reclaim the beauty and health of your smile? At SkyView Dental, we offer cutting-edge periodontal surgery to help restore your oral well-being and revitalize confidence. Our skilled team of qualified periodontists and state-of-the-art techniques can help deliver unparalleled care beyond your expectations.


Periodontal surgery is the most revolutionary dental procedure designed to combat and correct gum-related conditions from mild to severe. Our skilled periodontal surgeons have the potential to transform your oral health, restore the vitality of the gyms and unleash the unlimited potential of your smile with meticulous precision and advanced techniques.

Types of Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis and gum diseases arrive in several forms with a varied range of severity; however SkyView Dental can assist you in understanding the differences better while treating your symptoms. Poor oral hygiene often contributes to the different forms of gum diseases, and therefore it is important to know about the cost of Periodontal Surgery and the type you require. Without adequate protection and care, you are subjected to the risks like:


It is the mildest form of periodontal disease, with gingivitis generally preceding periodontitis, and gets marked by red swollen gums that often tend to start bleeding easily. Not much discomfort is linked with this stage; failing to address the issues would lead to serious pain and more aggressive forms of the disease.

Chronic periodontitis

Individuals suffering from chronic periodontitis experience the slow deterioration of their gums and are susceptible to teeth or bone loss, urging the need for Periodontal disease surgery.

Aggressive periodontitis

It is a gum disease often affected by a few people; however, it can eventually lead to significant tooth or bone loss whenever left untreated.

Necrotizing periodontal disease

People suffering from necrotizing periodontal disease would lose their gum tissues and have serious infections due to the lack of blood supply. It is quite common in people with suppressed immune systems.

How We Treat Periodontal Disease?

Your gum disease’s seriousness dictates how we proceed with the treatment. Appropriate oral hygiene at home is significant to ensure success and reduce any more risks. Personal care would include flossing or brushing to avoid hazardous behaviors like tobacco use. Our team can help offer various procedures to enhance your oral health significantly. Whenever you have mild periodontal diseases, then the non-invasive procedures are optimal, and these would include:


We would use procedures for Periodontal laser surgery with ultrasonic devices to remove tartar and bacteria from the surface of your teeth and right below your gums.

Root planing

Our dentists will smoothen the surface of your roots to discourage more buildup of plaque and tartar while removing the inflammatory bacterial byproducts.


Medicines are enough to eliminate or control bacterial infections. But, if your gum disease is at a serious stage, then we might have to consider surgical treatments like:

Bone grafting

If periodontal disease damages the bone surrounding the tooth root, our professionals will perform bone grafting surgery to prevent tooth loss and regrow the natural bone.

Soft tissue grafts

Your mouth is vulnerable to infection, and the foundation of your teeth is weak with the deterioration and recess of gum tissues. We take the tissues from somewhere else in your mouth to reinforce damaged tissues and enhance oral health.

Flap surgery

In Periodontal flap surgery, we will make smaller incisions into your gums to easily lift the tissue sections while performing thorough scaling and root planing techniques.

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You should never ignore or dismiss gum disease, as it has significant repercussions if you allow it to deteriorate further. Opt for periodontal surgery from our team of professionals at the initial sign of tender, swollen gums. Our team will instantly diagnose your condition before performing or recommending the treatment for restoring your oral health. The sooner you take action, the simple, less-invasive treatment. Connect with us today to schedule an appointment!


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