Dental Crowns

Long-Lasting Tooth Replacements With Dental Crowns

SkyView Dental strives to offer highly reliable tooth replacements enabling you to chew and bite normally and enjoy a confident smile. Our practice in Noblesville offers the perfect dental crowns for replacing seriously damaged or tooth loss. We can help customize your dental restoration plan regardless of whether you need a dental crown or additional treatment.

Complete Your Smile With Dental Crowns

The crowns can help restore your tooth’s functionality and aesthetics after the root canal treatment. The crowns are synthetic caps made from materials like ceramic, porcelain, or resin while placed on top of the tooth.

Dental bridges are even known as fixed partial dentures that bridge the gap created through numerous missing teeth. The general dental bridge procedure is created with two crowns holding one or more artificial teeth in place. The bridges attach to the surrounding teeth for better support filling the space with artificial teeth. The dental bridges allow you to restore the normal functionality of your smile after the tooth gets lost or removed.

The dental crowns and the bridges work together to restore the issues in your mouth functionality, mainly used in restorative dental processes. The bridges and crowns get permanently cemented in place. They are even used for fixing existing dental issues and also used for preventing issues in the future.

Types Of Dental Crown
We Offer

We offer a few types of dental crowns made out of numerous materials, such as:

Metallic Crowns

Whenever a person is searching for a strong long-term solution, then metal crowns are the best option. We use gold crowns here since they match well with the tooth. These have a greater resistance to serious chewing pressures and biting ability. They are a long-term solution and do not get damaged quickly due to their better strength. The primary perk is that they are easily noticeable from a greater distance, making them the perfect ones for the molars.


If you have greater concerns about aesthetics and prefer having metal crowns placed correctly, these are the best options available at our dental crown clinic. Since the Crown is made out of metal from within and porcelain from outside, it offers the benefits of metal, offering porcelain and strength matching the teeth' color creating the aesthetics of the best teeth.

Ceramic Crown

If you choose not to have metal implants in your mouth but want the strength of metal crowns, then ceramic crowns are the ideal solution. It is potential and blends naturally with the tooth's natural color, making them invisible. It is ideal for the rear, front, and even the bridges. The dental Crown can eliminate the issues with the deterioration of porcelain and the visibility of the metal. They are not considered for the molars due to the stress generated while biting.

Our Dental Crown

At SkyView Dental, we emphasize your satisfaction and comfort throughout the dental filling procedure. Our expert dentists make sure that you can understand each step involved while addressing the concerns you might have. Check out our dental filling process!

Proper Planning And Evaluation

Our highly skilled professionals accurately examine your teeth, gums, and oral health. We discuss your concerns while evaluating the need for dental crown procedures and developing a personalized treatment plan.

Preparing Your Tooth

To ensure it fits the best, the smaller amount of enamel is removed from the tooth that gets the crowning. It builds a space for the Crown to be placed without affecting the proper bite alignment.

Sound Impressions

We undertake the accurate impressions of your prepared tooth serving as the model to create your custom dental crowns. These impressions can aid us in making sure that your Crown fits ideally and appear natural.

Temporary Crown

The temporary Crown is placed right over your tooth to protect it, while your permanent Crown is formed in the dental laboratory. The temporary Crown is identical to your natural teeth, enabling you to eat and speak comfortably.

Crown Placement

fter preparing the custom dental Crown, you can return to our office for the last appointment. Our dentist can carefully help remove the temporary Crown while placing the permanent one right over your prepared tooth. We will check the bite, fit, and aesthetics for better outcomes.

Maintenance And Aftercare

Taking care of your dental Crown is almost identical to maintaining natural teeth. Brush twice daily, floss regularly, and schedule regular checkups at a dental crown clinic in Noblesville. Adequate care can help your dental Crown last for numerous years.

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