Composite Fillings

Smile Better With Composite Dental Fillings

At SkyView Dental, we know the importance of maintaining a beautiful and healthier smile. We take a lot of pride in offering top-notch composite dental fillings for boosting and restoring the aesthetics of your teeth while making sure of their functionality for the long term. Our experienced team of dental professionals is equipped with the best state-of-the-art technology as we deliver outstanding results that exceed our patients’ expectations.

Understanding Composite Fillings

Composite fillings comprise tooth-colored resin that includes plastic and a few additives. In a couple of cases, glass particles are mixed with the plastic. As they are mainly used for treating cavities, the composite filling can help enhance the cosmetic appearance of your tooth, like tooth reshaping.

The other common forms of different filling materials include silver, porcelain, and gold amalgam. The metal fillings are notably more visible in your mouth whenever they get compared to the composite fillings. Although porcelain fillings are often related to the color of the surrounding teeth, they are an expensive pick. The composite fillings offer a good balance of affordability, aesthetics, and Durability for numerous patients.

Benefits Of Choosing
Our Composite Dental Fillings

Aesthetically Alluring

Our Composite Fillings can blend well with your natural teeth, while the composite fillings offer a discreet and natural-appearing solution. It ensures your smile stays attractive and virtually indistinguishable from your real teeth.

Preserving Your Tooth Structure

The composite fillings need less removal of the healthier tooth structure than the other amalgam fillings. It indicates that most of your natural teeth can get preserved, resulting in healthier and stronger teeth for the future.

Versatile Applications

The composite fillings are the most versatile choice and get used for restoring both the front and back teeth. They are ideal for repairing small to medium-sized cavities, reshaping irregular teeth, gaps, and chipped teeth.

Greater Bonding Strength

The composite materials used in dental filling jobs bond straight with the tooth's structure, offering additional strength and support for treating the tooth. It can help you in further prevention of damage or fractures.

Longevity And Durability

The composite fillings are highly durable and can withstand the forces of biting and chewing, although the composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing. Proper oral care and regular dental check-ups can make your composite filling last several years.

Our Composite
Dental Filling Procedure

At SkyView Dental, we emphasize your satisfaction and comfort throughout the dental filling procedure. Our expert dentists make sure that you can understand each step involved while addressing the concerns you might have. Check out our dental filling process!

Examination and Diagnosis

Our experienced dentists complete tooth examinations using the latest dental techniques and tools. We can identify every tooth damage or decay area that needs treatment with the composite dental fillings in Noblesville.

Preparing Your Tooth

The affected tooth gets cleaned carefully and prepared right for the composite filling. It involves the removal of the damaged or decayed structure of the tooth, creating a stable and clean foundation for the filling.

Shade Selection

Our dentists can match the shade of the composite materials right to the color of your natural teeth by ensuring the seamless mix, enhancing the entire outlook of your smile.

Well-Layered Application

Our composite filling material gets applied in layers, with every layer hardened and bonded to your tooth using a specialized light to cure. The process aids in achieving the right strength and shape.

Shaping and Polishing

After placing the filling material right, our dentists sculpt and shape them to ensure the ideal fit and bite alignment. The last step involves the filling polishing rendering the natural and smoother finish.

Post-Treatment Care

Maintaining sound oral hygiene practices is vital for prolonging the filling lifespan after the composite dental filling treatment. It includes regular flossing, brushing, and attending routine dental check-ups. Our team of dental professionals can offer you the right instructions and advice to aid you in taking care of your freshly restored smile.

Schedule For Your Dental Filling Consultation Now!

Our composite dental fillings offer the perfect solution for dealing with cracks, cavities, or smaller dental imperfections that need immediate treatment. Regain better functionality, health, and aesthetics of your teeth with our highly advanced tactics and personalized care routine. Reach us at (317)886-9500 to schedule an expert consultation and take the first step to gaining a confident smile!


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