Get Your Smile Fixed With Bridges

It is a bad idea to leave a gap if a person is missing one or a couple of teeth, as it would transform the entire alignment of your bite, creating various other issues. At SkyView Dental, we use professional bridges to help replace your teeth and fix your broken smile!

Rebuild Your Missing Teeth

Modern dentistry offers potential solutions for reestablishing a complete, alluring, and appropriately functioning smile. However, missing teeth can often compromise your overall well-being and dental health.


The rapidly advancing dental materials, treatment methods, and technology make replacing missing teeth easier to achieve the most attractive, pleasing, and longer-lasting outcomes.


Every smile is made differently, and each patient has a unique set of requirements and individual expectations toward care. Aiding a patient in rebuilding their beautiful and complete smile might involve full or partial dentures, teeth bridges, or dental implants.


Being an experienced and skilled dental care provider, SkyView Dental offers professional guidance to pick highly suitable options for treatment. Irrespective of your tooth replacement method, you can feel more confident that your smile appears good.

Types of Dental Bridges We Offer

Our dental bridge clinic offers numerous bridges, and the highly suitable option for you depends on your specific requirements and conditions of your oral health. Here are a few of the commonest dental bridges we have in our offerings.

Traditional Dental Bridge

It is the kind of bridge consisting of one or more pontics being held in place on the adjacent teeth with the help of dental crowns. These crowns are placed over the natural teeth on either end of the gap, offering better bridge stability and support.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

The cantilever bridge is often identical to a traditional bridge; however, it is supported only on the end of the gap by the dental crown. It is mainly used whenever a single adjacent tooth is available for better support.

Maryland Dental Bridge

It is even considered the resin-bonded bridge as it is the kind of bridge using a porcelain or metal framework which gets bonded behind the adjacent teeth. These bridges are the most conservative option that needs minimal alteration to the natural set of teeth.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

In times when numerous adjacent teeth are missed, or the surrounding teeth are not strong enough to support the bridge with the dental implants used. Implants are placed surgically in the jawbone serving as the anchors to the bridge while offering excellent longevity and stability.

Our Dental Bridge


The restoration generally needs two visits for completion. In the initial visit, we will remove the decay while preparing the natural teeth as crowns on both sides of the gap or the missing tooth. The impression from the teeth is taken and sent to the lab, where the bridge gets constructed. Your teeth even get fitted with the temporary bridge.


When you visit the next time, we will remove the temporary bridge while trying the permanent bridge to verify the accuracy. An X-ray is considered the ideal fit. After the required adjustments are made, the bridge is cemented permanently to the natural teeth lying adjacent to the missing tooth. The bridge is supported by the crown cemented onto the natural teeth.

Choose A Dentist Whom You Can Trust

Backed by years of education and experience, SkyView Dental is the best Dental Bridge Clinic in Noblesville, offering outstanding dental care to our valuable patients. We strongly believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our patients, prioritizing their well-being with every visit.

We can help you stay in the best oral health conditions by emphasizing routine visits and preventative care, helping identify potential issues before they become serious. Our highly experienced and trained dentists offer a massive array of dental treatments with greater care and compassion, allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable.

Get Professional Grade
Dental Bridge Done Today!

Dental bridges are ideal for missing teeth or searching for a longer-lasting and reliable solution. At SkyView Dental, our skilled professionals are dedicated to offering top-quality and personalized dental bridge services. Reach us today to schedule a consultation as we aim to restore the functionality and beauty of your smile!


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